I discovered my love for  art and music at an early age. Living only one hour from Manhattan  I had the opportunity  to visit the museums on  weekends.  In high school the art room was where I sought comfort. I dappled in printmaking and sculpture and my sketch pad became my diary. Despite my love of art and a portfolio ready to go for college I decided to pursue music study instead  but I always wanted to paint and I knew that some day I would but the music genes were deep and ignited the passion I had inside on a  more visceral level. I have spent my life playing and teaching classical piano and studying all the masters in this genre.  It was not until I studied painting  and attended many workshops that I began to see that the journey  and the problems that exist in learning to paint were much like learning to play music.  Values are directly transferable from the ear to the eye . In music we hear them and in art we see them.  Shapes of sound within the phrasing are the same as painting values. Compositional aspects are similar (opening thematic material serves as a lead in and all the ensuing secondary themes are meant to bring cohesion and unity ).  Articulations of sound created with the wrist , and finger and the distribution of muscular energy  is similar to creating  articulations  in brushstrokes.  Warm sounds and cold sounds translate as distant keys and home keys in music and provide the same effect that colors can create. 

Making a painting that works and really has something to say is like a beautiful piece of music to me.  I am a very lucky human to have been able to pursue what I love.  I am hoping that people will connect with my painting and find some attachment that speaks to them whether it be through color,  composition or some thread of energy transmitting from one human to another.  As in music it is important to always speak to the viewer emotionally  I do not wish to wow my viewer with awesome realistic technique. I am not Pagannini with a brush. I have much more humbler motives when painting.  I like simplicity of subject matter and a loose manipulation of paint application. Much of the time I work with a palette knife.  I am not formulaic on any level.  There are no limits to my sense of exploration.  I paint anything that appeals to me and in any way  create what I need to say whether it be through scraping, or painting with brushes, fingers, knives, or tissues.  Painting is magic to me when it lives.