My foundation in art starts with music as all compositional elements and principles are directly transferable from the ear to the eye.

In the last decade I have returned to painting with a passion. I have brought all my knowledge of musical composition, expression, timing, tempo, rhythm, and musical dynamics to the canvas. The transference of music to art has been an amazing journey for me as I never stop learning about what it takes to create great art.

   I am always looking for the answers to problems that arise in painting through my training in classical music. Shapes of musical phrases and dynamics from loud to soft translate as values on canvas. Warm sounds and cold sounds translate as distant keys and home keys in music and provide the same effect that colors can create. Compositional techniques in a classical piece adhere to the same principles as on a canvas. The same concepts that draw one into a composition in music or art and provide coherence throughout the study whether viewing or listening remain the same.  Additionally opening and closing and shaping with light and shadow are found constantly through both mediums.  

    My art studies have given me tremendous emotional satisfaction but the constant comparing and contrasting of it to music study has provided a wealth of intellectual stimulation.

    There have been many teachers along the way who have helped shape my vision. Camille Przewodek who taught me to worship the light, Jeanette LeGrue who brought my still life paintings to a higher level but instilling  important concepts of artistic sponteneity and color.